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1. How can I order?

  1. Please find here the catalogue of the products, that we currently have in stock.
  2. Upon your request we will provide you with our actual price list and order sheet.
  3. To order, please provide us with the order sheet completed with the number of ordered items to e-mail address:       dreweks@dreweks.eu
  4. Up to two days after placing order you will receive a pro-forma invoice with following information:
    • ordered products and total cost,
    • delivery cost and delivery time,
    • payment information.
  5. At this stage each order can be easily canceled free of charge. So if the transport fee is too high or delivery term too long you can still resign from buying our products.
  6. If you accept all conditions in the pro-forma invoice, we will expect your payment.
  7. After receiving the payment the order will be delivered.
  8. You can also decide to arrange the delivery on our own.


2. Where can I find your prices?

Please ask for actual pricelist and order sheet sending an e-mail to dreweks@dreweks.eu


3. Is there any minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for bulk orders is 200 EUR.


4. What are payment possibilities?

At present the only method of payment is money transfer.

The money should be transferred after accepting the  pro-forma invoice confirming your order to  following bank account:

Bank data:

Raiffeisen Bank,

Bielska BiałaSwift : RCBWPLPW

IBAN: PL26 1750 1178 0000 0000 0680 3188

Our products can be also picked up in company’s warehouse in Białka (see more details here). In this casethe payment can be done on collection.


5. How and when will the products be delivered?

The most of the products from our catalogue we have in stock. They can be sent/collected immediately after receiving your payment. The approximate delivery time will be confirmed in the pro-forma invoice that you’ll receive after placing the order.


6. What is the delivery cost?

In case of every order, depending on the number, weight and size of the ordered items and the delivery country, we try to find the best delivery option and price.

The transport cost that we are able to offer is always specified in the pro-forma invoice.

If the cost is too high, customer can cancel the order free of charge or arrange order collection in Białka. (more details here)


7. Why should I choose DREWEKS?

We offer to our customers:

  • high quality of products,
  • attractive manufacturer prices,
  • wide range of products,
  • no minimum order quantity for orders from our catalogue,
  • engagement, good communication in three languages English, German and Polish,
  • European standards,
  • flexibility of medium enterprise,
  • reliability based on 20 years of experience on the market and cooperation with many companies across all Europe.

8. DREWEKS is reliable!

DREWEKS has been existing on the market  since 1986 and has a great record of long-run, successful  business relationships with companies from many European countries.

DREWEKS is registered in Companies Registration Office in Poland.

Headquarters of the company:

Ko¶ciuszki  7

34-220 Maków Podhalański


Tax Identification Number: 5520104429


9. Do you have any other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Email: dreweks@dreweks.eu

Fax: +48 33 8773 050

Phone number: +48 790 686 610


1. Can Dreweks offer customized goods and products manufactured according to customer’s project?

We can adjust our products to customers’ requirements and produce entirely new products according to customers’ projects and needs.


2. From which wood types can we produce?

Standard wood types that we use are pine, spruce, beech and oak and different kinds of plywood. After consultation we can also produce in other wood types.


3. What are our production possibilities?

Our range of products includes:

  • Small wooden items: chests, boxes, packaging, containers , decorative and useful caskets, cabinets, book-stands, shelves, hangers, trays, wooden kitchen and office accessories, stands for flower’s pots, turnery.
  • Promotional & advertising products including boxes and all kind of wooden items with customer’s logo or other imprint.
  •  Furniture: beds, chests of drawers, cabinets, night-closets,  chairs.

 Our products are perfectly suitable for decorating with decoupage-method.

 We can make any kinds of logos, inscriptions, company-signs and decorative elements on our products.

Please check examples of our products on our web-page http://dreweks.pl/indexe.php


4. Is there any minimum order quantity for customized products?

For customer-specific orders we the minimum order quantity depends on the specific products and varies from 100 items to 1000 items.

We always specify the exact minimum order quantity in our quotation.

Samples of our products can be found on our website.


5. How can I request a price quotation for a customized product?

Please send us your request per fax or per email to
fax: 0048 33 8773 050

Please include following information in your request:

  • size of the product
  • a picture/a drawing/a draft of the requested product
  • type of wood/plywood
  • type of finishing
  • number of items


6. Is it possible to order products from your webpage that are not available in the catalogue?

All products from our webpage can be ordered in diverse sizes and with various modifications. (minimum order quantity accounts for 100 items)


7. How can we treat  wood?

We can offer following wood treatment methods:

  • varnishing,
  • staining,
  • oiling.

All products can be imprinted with laser as well as with silkscreen. You can find samples here.


8. Do you have any other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Email: dreweks@dreweks.pl

More contact details here.


tel./fax. 00 48 33 877 30 50
kom. 0 601 181 780   

e-mail: biuro@dreweks.eu